Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Because I Have No Braincells But Desperately Need To Remember Things

Wed & Thur

+Hooping (so much hooping!), then Belmar to see Mike
+Belmar beach, pizza, & Social Network


+ Work


+ Coffee with Sandra
+ LOTR Two Towers live with the parents
+ Chill time with Tony


+ Crazed work day
+ Whiskey & Guiness with Jahmaalah & Tony
+ Taco Bell
+ Woody's with Dave & Eric
+ U2 Kareoke until 4AM with Eric & friends ("Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" & "Kiss Me Deadly" for the win)
+ Danced like Madonna
+ Slow danced with Eric in the laser lighting like it was 1988


+ Watched "Hoarders" with Mom, had a great, ground breaking talk with her ("The ones who leave you, why is it that you can't you just turn them off? Your truth is your truth unless you change it.")
+ Lip-synced songs with Mom on the Path train, then windowshopped the giant Macy's
+ Diner con madre
+ Listened to awesome chick artists, walked from 34th to 15th and visited Tony, Marge & Jenny
+ Went to Williamsburg with Tony to meet up with Meredith & friends at The Knitting Factory
+ Turns out they were having a Buffy Trivia night...between Meredith & everyone WINNING the trivia game, they also had bobbing for beer & a pumpkin pie eating contest...which was freaking hilarious, everyone got so into it.
+ They played Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog which was amazing, we all got so into it
+ Chilling with Tony is the greatest thing ever, I seriously absolutely adore him I couldn't ask for a better friend who I can COMPLETELY be my fucking retardely ridiculous self with, on top of being able to laugh ALL the time and still talk about serious stuff. Amazing.
+ Anyway, I went into the bathroom & tagged the shit out of the fogged window, before coming back out to find everyone dancing wildly in the middle of the bar, so of COURSE, I joined in
+ I started dancing (like I do) and everyone started to cheer me on and told me I was really good at dancing! And the host told me, "I don't know which compliment you want first; how your outfit is awesome, or how good at dancing you are!"
+ Everyone ended up leaving, and I stayed to continue dancing with the host, and the DJ wound up playing Toots & the Maytals & the Clash
+ The host winds up telling me his name is Jeremy (the Jerm) and he met the DJ in the seperate ska bands they were both in from Austin, TX
+ When the set was finally over, he said, "how about a round of applause for our last dancer, and life of the party tonight, Ryan!" and some British guys sitting at the bar clapped while one said, "Thank you so much, cheerful girl, for your crazy dancing and your aura of energy and happiness!" Oh, gosh, man it made my freaking night.
+ I wound up talking with Jeremy for a while, we exchanged e-mails, and he wants to throw a wild dance party at his flat in Green Point soon, have the DJ (who's name escapes me now) DJ and have me bring all of my friends and my "wild dancing" to start the party! He took a pictre with me and his friend & his DJ& it was, ah, just magic. So much fun. What a night, what a set of two days!

Tues (tomorrow)

+ Work
+ Hooping with Kayla & Sara at Central Park


+ Hiking with Eric
+ Over Brandon's


+ Spend the day with Brandon


+ Work


+ Work
+ See Eric's band TVTV in Willyburg with Tony, Sara, Kayla (hopefully), Jenny & who knows who else..

Just...just awesome. Over & out.