Friday, April 9, 2010

Rebel Yell

You pushed your glasses towards your
face and drew me in with a
Pandan icecream afternoon with the words
"Give me a kiss, first" before we
left the Samurai sword dancing
man behind us for
Your lips were true or
otherwise without
chap or giving me lip
"It was my favorite conversation, between
Avenue A and St. Marks,"
you told me,
“The one we had about poetry? Ginsberg and
Buddy?” you added as
I smirked and said “It’s all coming back, a little,”
And you laughed and said
“Don’t you dare take me for a sucker; I know you can’t remember.
There were quotes from a Buddy poem I’d tell you,
If I could remember them, but I can’t. I was going to read
The book by that guy you like, to try to impress you,
But I didn’t find it at the book store.”
“Isn’t that where that bullshit it’s the thought that counts comes in,”
I laughed the words back at you right before the
five hours later we found ourselves
Tongue tied at the 12:49 ALLABOARD sign and you
Signed me off with an until next time,
And we said,
Until next time.

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